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3D Printing Alter

3D Printing Alter for 3D printers to leave offerings to the gods of 3D printing

Alien Octopus

Alien Octopus by EddTheBob

Ballet Dancer By Double_Alfa

Ballet Dancer by Double_Alfa

Ballet Dancer II By Double_Alfa

Ballet Dancer II by Double_Alfa

Booty Robot By Deadlygeek

Booty Robot by Deadlygeek (Inspiration for name unclear)

Eagle Vs Cobra

Eagle Vs Cobra by stronghero

Easter Island Head

Easter Island Head by Pintstein

Father's Day Statue

Father's Day Statue by MakePrintable

FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup Trophy by 3DPrintNovesia

Flamenco Dancer By Double_Alfa

Flamenco Dancer by Double_Alfa