MakerBot Method X

MakerBot Method X Performance 3D Printer

The Method X builds on the concepts and performance of the MakeBot Method.

The MakerBot Method X features a 100°C Circulating Heated Chamber which significantly reduces part deformation while increasing part durability and surface finish.

The Method X allows printing with true ABS for production-ready parts that are dimensionally-accurate with no geometric restrictions.

Faster, Better 3D Printing

Method X makes industrial 3D printing technologies accessible to individual designers and engineers. Advanced workflow features turn Method into an everyday tool that accelerates the agile design process. Users can turn their CAD files to parts faster and print up to 2X faster than desktop 3D printers.

  • The Smart Spool provides valuable information, including type, color, and amount of material remaining via an RFID chip directly to MakerBot Print, while desiccant in the spool maintains a low moisture level inside the drawer bay.
  • The 5” Capacitive Touchscreen provides the latest status updates of current print jobs and allows users to navigate the menus in the most intuitive way.
  • MakerBot Print Software easily integrates with 25 of the most popular CAD programs to allow designers and engineers to design with what they know best. Method’s built-in onboard camera also allows users to monitor their print progress remotely with MakerBot Print or the MakerBot Mobile app.
  • The Spring Steel Build Plate provides true flatness for unyielding part accuracy and enables the printed part to pop off the plate.

A Manufacturing Workstation

Print complex and durable ABS parts with a 100°C heated chamber for end-use assemblies and manufacturing tools. Powered by Stratasys® SR-30 soluble support material with superior Z-layer bonding provides higher strength without warping or curling.

Frame Construction

The Method has an aluminum die cast base with extruded aluminum uprights and a steel weldment gantry frame.


  • 21 Onboard Sensors
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Remote Monitoring + Printing
  • 25 Compatible Cad File Types
  • 5" Full-Color Capacitive Touch Screen


  • PLA
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • ASA

Build Volume
L 19cm x W 19cm x H 19.6 cm (single extrusion)
L 15.2cm x W 19cm x H 19.6 cm (dual extrusion)

L 43.7cm x W 41.3cm x H 64.9cm

29.5 kg